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Steampunk and Victorian are fun, but sometimes it’s a rush to loose all that elegance and refinement. Sometimes it’s a moment of wild enjoyment to go back to something that is pure in its vitality and honest in its more primitive roots. A power to be honored by nature itself and the magic granted to those wild enough to wield it.

The Cleric….
the Shaman…..

And even the barbarian needs a sensible hairstyle but why can’t sensible be fun too? Aria Hair is a bridge for that gap! Short and practical, but stylish and playful, this hair works with a wide range of characters. And with a color pallet that ranges from nature loving cleric to rave loving modern, it is sure to have a spot among your favorites.

Aria Hair for V4/G4/A4/SP4
18 High Resolution Hair Color Textures
18 Realistic Poser 6+ Material Mats
18 Realistic DS 2.3 Elite Human Shader Mats

Product Includes:
Beautiful new hair textures in a wide range of colors
Blonde (Golden and Ashe)
Brown (Medium and Soft)
Pink (Melon and Cotton Candy)
Rainbow (Pastel, Jewel and Silver/Pastel Fade)
Red (Copper and Bronze)
Morphs Specifically Supported:
AIKO4: Body-Realistic, Stylized, Petite, Body
AIKO4: Head-Realistic, Realistic Classic, American, AikoBase, Stylized
STEPH4: Body-Stephanie, Grace, Caitlyn, Isabelle
STEPH4: Head-Stephanie, Grace, Caitlyn, Isabelle, Ella, Grace, Lily, Madeline, Natalie, Paige
GIRL4: TheGirl4Head, TheGirl4Body
ELITE: Body-Utopian, Fantasia, Sylph
ELITE: Head-Utopian, Fantasia, Sylph
V4++: Body-Young, Voluptuous, Thin
Material Poses specifically created for use in Poser 6+ and DS 2.3 with attention to realistic shine and shadow.
Additional Notes:
Renders are presented without touch-up to show actual Poser render results. Rendered in Poser 2010 using Sveva’s Lights.
Hair is rigged with multiple ghost joints for extra movement with a natural sway.
Hair contains several ‘Fit’ morphs to adjust the hair’s fitting to morphs not specifically supported.
Hair has been mapped in UVLayout by Headus for smooth, trouble-free texturing. Each strand has been mapped to a rectangle, allowing for reuse of many textures to save space and memory.
Hair is multiple layers of transparency so be aware that it may cause some slowing in render time with certain lights. However, this hair is not the high polycount of Violet hair, so you should see no where near as long render times.
Product Details:
Poser Version: Poser 6+

Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible



Steamed Crown
Rhythm for V4 A4 G4

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