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Ares V and I are the vital parts of NASA’s new cost-effective space transportation infrastructure that is being developed under the Constellation Programme to replace the aging space shuttle orbiter, to take Man back to the moon, and onward to Mars.

The heavy-lifting Ares V can carry nearly 414,000 pounds to low-Earth orbit. The initial launch of the Ares 5 relies on two five-and-a-half-segment reusable solid rocket boosters similar to those used on the shuttle.

Once launched the RS-68B rocket engines, derived from the Saturn V, on the Core Stage take over. On top of the Core Stage are the two Interstage cylinders which have booster separation motors which help launch the EDS [Earth Departure Stage].

The EDS powered by a J-2X main engine, again based on tried and trusted Saturn 5 technology, protected by the composite shroud this carries the four person crew in the Altair LEM [Lunar Exploration Module]. The Altair LEM then lands on the moon.

The models presented here are composite designs based on extensive research and is designed primarily as an resource for educators and includes:

1 [ONE] Ares rocket as SEVEN [7] parented parts which allows you to represent every stage of deployment.
1 [ONE] Altair LEM as THREE [3] parented parts – the Descent, Ascent Modules and Crew Ladder.

This product also includes 1 [ONE] FREE bonus model – the Ares I Cargo rocket.
Featuring EIGHT [8] parented parts which again allows you to represent every stage of operation.

.BMP templates are also provided if you wish to make your own textures.



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