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Product infos:

The Copter is a regular Poser figure. It has got a stand which has forced settings to either -163? or 0 (zero) ? rotation to simulate a setting for either parking or flying.
The saddle can be moved up-/downwards to fit the copter to different human characters.
The rotor rotates (what a surprise…) and takes the attached rotorblades with it.
In the POSE folder you will find a switch to select either a fully visible rotorblade set or an FX bodypart that simulates kind of believable fast rotation.

The figure itself comes in three flavours:

~ Orville – with regular, straight rotorblades,
~ Otto – with batshaped rotorblades and
~ Wilbur – with rotorblades that are made like the wings of an oldfashioned airplane*
*no longer available


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