Apocalyptica Set 01 – Post War Building 01

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After the war …
A light wind blew through the ruins and left that bad taste of post war… welcome to
This first set gives you a good portion to start with:
– Building 01, which is a boned building. All parts can be separatly hidden or moved.
Through that you can easily apply different styles. Four are included, applyable by poses
– Lamps for this building
– A Hemisphere of broken and nuked buildings
– A Yellow Barrel (With Morhps)
– A Green Barrel (With Morhps)
– A Bed (Matrace on wood)
– A Chair
– Debris 01
– Debris 02
– Debris 03
– A Ladder
– A Lamp (With morphs)
– Another Lamp (With morphs) ( Other Style )
– A Matrace (with Morphs)
– Wodden Pallet
– Rubble
– Stool
– A Table (Four Stones and a Woodplate)
– Stuff for this table
– Street planes (Crossroad, Straight, Straight with bombhole, plaster)
– Night Light Ambience
– Daylight (Parented to the Hemisphere, just rotate the Hemisphere and your lights rotate with it)
– Night Light for a Streetlamp (Smartpropped)
– Night lights for the house lamps
– Full Figure Poses: 18 Poses for M4/V4 assigned to the props above
– 9 Poses for M4 / V4 for the Building
– 4 Mat poses for the Hemisphere
– 4 Style Poses for the Building
– 14 Cams included


AM YzzY- V4/A4
Gothic Muse

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