AONEDOLL-Mrs. Nelson

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*Mrs Nelson
full body morphs:
67 controls of facial expression
21Breast Morphs
3Genitals and Anus Morphs
*1 Hairs Style
(with 4 handles)
MrsNHair handles applied to this hair and can be used to help with posing to fit the figures’ pose.
*3 Dynamic Dress
Dynamic Dress Tutorial:
*1 Pair of Heels
(with 3 MATs)
Make sure the figure doesn’t use Inverse Kinematics. If so, uncheck the bodyparts in the menu Figure > Use Inverse Kinematics.Select the shoe , Choose Edit > Memorize > Figure. With the shoe still selected, choose Figure > Conform to and select the character. bring up the Joint Editor and click the Zero Figure button.


New Nails for V4


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