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This package is native for Poser and works perfectly in Daz Studio also.

It features three highly versatile conforming clothes models for Vicky 4 and Aiko 4.

A detailed frilly skirt with lace embellishments
A top that features a vest and blouse.
A Stylish Parasol to compliment these clothes.
These detailed and colorful items can be used for everything from classic styled fantasy wear to fairy clothes or to emulate all the colorful styles of Japanese Lolita street wear.

All items are conforming and the skirt and blouse have extensive morph control for all types of shaping and posing.

To make matters easier there are several preset poses for the main figure (V4 or A4) and the conforming skirt as well.

There is also a solid selection MAT files and custom textures.

All of these features make the Annabella Fantasy pak very versatile and very easy to use.

On top of this if you already have the J Lol hair, Master Pack and the J Lol shoes you will find they work perfectly with this pak.

If not you can get the whole lot (incl the Annabella Fantasy Clothes Pak) in the ‘Annabella-JLol-MEGA Pak’


Kit Lucy Textures
MRL Rhapsody


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    March 14, 2013

    nice outfit…thank you Agata

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