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A very versatile body jewel with many possible appearances for the chains and jewels, to give your characters the original and unique touch you need. A must-have!

The most sensual accessory to beautify your characters’ ankles!
Can be used in a wide range of scenarios: fantasy, warrior, pinup, fashion, sexy, beach girls…


– Independent left and right Anklet figures of Anklet Jewelry for V4/A4/G4
– You can put them on one or both Feet
– Can be used with shoes using the adjustment morphs included (Go_Up,Go_Front,Go_Back,Go_In,Go_Out,Scale_X, Scale_Z,Tilt_Front)

– Fits to any V4, A4, or G4 character because all applicable morphs have been included
– They automatically adjust to your characters, but you can still dial the morphs if you need it

– 30 partial mat poses: chains in gold and silver, and ornaments of sculpted birds, bows with hearts, oval jewels, sculpted moon and stars, and rhomboid jewels with jingle bells, in varied colors and metals. They work hiding parts and changing the finish of the mats to get very varied appearances

– You can also use the chains alone without ornaments, and in the case of the oval jewels and the rhomboids, use them without jewels

– Chains in gold and silver. Sculpted birds in black obsidian, gold, and silver. Bows and hearts in black and gold, black and silver, green, pink, red, and silver and gold. Oval Jewels with frames in gold and silver, and jewels in black and red, gold relief, silver relief, multicolored, red and orange, and a mix of turquoises. Sculpted moon and stars in gold and turquoise, pink and yellow, and silver and blue precious stone. Rhomboid Jewels with Bells with frames in gold and silver, and jewels in black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red

– Utility icon to reset Feet size if you need it on some characters
– Render Settings to get the most of your renders!


Airliner 717 (for Poser)


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