Anja V4 Character and Poses Bundle

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This package has NOT been tested in Poser Pro Pack, P4, or Daz Studio

Anja has been carefully crafted using unique morphs for the head and body and will work with all Variations of
V4 from the basic V4 thru to V4.2++

Anja has a pair of conforming Nipple piercings ( with included positioning morphs ) I liked this way of making the piercings
because they follow the figure better, and the adjustment morphs make it easy to precisely position the piercings if necessary

In the Poses/ Anja folder you will find the Inject/Remove options for her body morphs and all of the other options
have been put in uniquely named folders to make it easier to find and load the options you need such as
Body Mats
EyeShadow Colors etc.

All of the EyeShadow, Lip colors and tattoo options can be loaded individually, making a truly versatile character.

Anja also comes with the light set I used in the promos.

In This Anja Character and Poses bundle, You will also find a set of 25 unique glamour poses ( and their mirrored versions, Total = 50)

These poses have been made with the utmost care taken from real life poses from various glamour pictures

It is recommended however that the use limits function in Poser is turned off. A real person can often times
attain poses that V4 stuggles to reach with her limits switched on, and these poses are based on real people and the
poses they were in in the photo’s

None of the poses take V4 beyond the range of movement that the normal person can achieve and all look
very natural and appealing.


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