Angeloi – the Outfit

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Winged or wingless messengers of the light have always populated ancient and modern myth and folklore.
But what should an angel wear to deliver her message – because this is one of the meaning of the old term angelos ? a messenger!

The Angeloi outfit is a creative mix of styles with a layer of tight fitting conforming clothing plus losely draping dynamic overskirt and oversleeves for a more wild, romantic or heavenly look.
The set comes with two basic textures in a white and gold and a black and red color scheme.

Please note that the dynamic overskirt and oversleeves props will NOT work in DAZ Studio!

conforming skirt with ornate sidebelt and jewelry
conforming sleeves with jewelry
conforming legwraps with jewelry
conforming jewelled cheststrap
conforming jewelled armstraps
conforming nimbus with multiple articulate parts
smart propped dynamic overskirt
smart propped dynamic oversleeves
smart propped scroll for the sidebelt of the skirt
scroll container for the sidebelt of the skirt
utilities to zero V4 and set IKs on or off
custom INJ and REM for a “squeeze Breasts” morph to add a more anrogynous look to V4
two texture sets for all items
Poser and DS MATs for all options



Angeloi - the Accessories
Photostudio by 3.D.C.

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