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Winged or wingless messengers of the light have always populated ancient and modern myth and folklore.
But what should an angel wear to deliver her message – because this is one of the meaning of the old term angelos ? a messenger!

Fitting the Angeloi outfit you get four props to fill your angelic scenes.
An easy posed horn, an easy posed incense burner with a long chain, an easy posed handheld scale and an easy posed articulated scroll.
To complement each of these figures, four poses sets for each item and Victoria 4 is included in this package.

All items come with two basic color schemes, in light and gold tones plus dark and red hues.

conforming wing armor (for the malaik wings)
articulated incense burner with easy posed hand chain
articulated scales with easy posed hand chain
articulated horn with easy posed tube
articulated scroll with easy posed paper sections
four poses for V4
four poses for horn, scroll, scales and incense burner
zeroing utilities for Victoria, horn, scroll, scales and incense burner
two texture sets for all items
Poser and DS MATs for all options

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Angeloi – the Outfit



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Angeloi - the Outfit

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