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Mother Nature is a revered architect, an exquisite artist whose creations leave us breathless or in silent awe. Ancient arches are iconic examples of her perfection. All are formed by erosion – chiseled by water, weather, or the collapse of a cave. Their immensity and seeming fragility create unparalleled beauty.
This special collection of HyperTerrains gives you the chance to tell an olden tale with natural ruins. Their unique individual shapes, including one double arch and one decayed double arch, will support the scenes that spring from your imagination. They work well in a variety of environments – such as deserts, canyons, coastlines – and can be easily mixed with Natural Monuments and Supernoi.
Each arch is a complex multi-million polygon sculpt. The collection comes with a grainy sandstone material applied. For even grander results, we recommend other QuadSpinner materials – including our signature suites, Mineral Infinity and Master Trinity.
Behold the Ancient Arches:
Bridge of Bethel
Nahal Tut


head for the hills! 50 vue 6 terrains
Nemesis Heavy Cruiser (Poser and Vue)

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