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Ancient Archers Action The most comprehensive set of Archer poses available. Suitable for archers of all historical eras.

Pose Features:

  • 35 pose sets for 6 different bow and arrow types for archers afoot and on horseback. All bow and arrow sets are available for free or purchase at DAZ or Poser Pros.
  • There is a standing archer set for 6 different bows and arrows for both M3 and V3. There are kneeling and bending partial poses for both M3 and V3.
  • Set includes 5 different millennium horse poses.
  • There is a partial rider pose for each character. Any standing archer pose quickly can become a riding archer. All rider poses will fit all horse poses.
  • There are arrow reaching, drawing, and nocking poses for M3 for one bow that can be adapted for the other bows.
  • There are 120 different pose possibilities, right out of the virtual box.
  • No figures, props, hair, textures are included in this set.
  • No IK or prop references are retained in the PZ2 files. Bow and arrow model sources listed in the Read-Me file. Easy instructions for smart-propping all bows and arrows are included. Each of the 6 bow types features different grips and curvatures, requiring custom fitted poses for each one, though all are similar.


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