Anatomically Correct Evolution: TRINITY 11

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This product uses the same technology as the Anatomically Correct Evolution system,
but it is stand-alone and does not require that product to work.

So why does the new version of Anatomically Correct use a map system?

– A much higher level of detail and realism is possible compared to using a morph or conforming figure
(check out the product images below to see for yourself)
– Guaranteed 100% perfect fit on any figure that uses the V4, V5 or V6 UV maps
(that means it’s 100% compatible with V4, Genesis, V5, Genesis 2 Female, V6 and any other future figure that uses one of those UV maps!!)
– Guaranteed 100% perfect fit with any body morph, either past, present or even future!!
– Guaranteed 100% perfect match with any skin texture
(explained in PDF tutorial)

This Pack contains:
The complete ACE: Trinity 11 texture and displacement map system:
– UPDATED 14 page in-depth PDF tutorial on using the ACETrinity11.psd,
setting up the maps in DAZ Studio and setting up the maps in Poser.
– PSD file containing all variations of the overlay maps for the V4, V5 and V6 UV maps.

Requirements: Poser 5 or newer OR DAZ Studio 4 or newer (free, advanced or pro),
Victoria 4.2 base, Genesis, Victoria 5, Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 6 or any other figure that uses the
V4, V5 or V6 UV maps
A Program that can work with PSD files e.g. GIMP, Photoshop etc. (GIMP is available for free at

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