Anatomically Correct Evolution: DAWN

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This product uses the same technology as the Anatomically Correct Evolution system,
but it is stand-alone and does not require that product to work.

So why does the new version of Anatomically Correct use a map system?

– Guaranteed 100% perfect fit on any figure that uses the Dawn UV map
(that means it’s 100% compatible with Dawn and any other future figure that uses that UV map!!)

– Guaranteed 100% perfect fit with any body morph, either past, present or even future!!

– Guaranteed 100% perfect match with any skin texture
(explained in PDF tutorial)

This Pack contains:

The complete ACE: DAWN texture and displacement map system:

– UPDATED 15 page in-depth tutorial on using the ACEDawn.psd, setting up the maps manually in DAZ Studio and setting up the maps manually in Poser.

– PSD file containing all variations of the overlay maps for the Dawn UV map.

Requirements: Poser 9 or newer OR DAZ Studio 4.5 or newer (free, advanced or pro),
Dawn or any other figure that uses the Dawn UV map
Program that can work with PSD files e.g. GIMP, Photoshop etc.

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