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This product consists of two independent figures: Anabiosis Unit and End Unit. The product also includes 2 props – right and left sides of the main gate, which you can open and close at will. Anabiosis_Unit is equipped with a side door, which can be opened and closed. In addition, you can manage a lid opening or closing the cryochamber.
Both figures when loading the scene connected. You can make a scene using a single Anabiosis_Unit and one End_Unit and with loading to scene main gate proposes.
However, you can also load multiple instances of the Anabiosis_Unit to the scene, moving them on axis “z” and thereby create sci-fi corridor. You will also need to move the End_Unit to close the corridor. You can also load to your scene multiple End_Units alternating with the Anabiosis_Units. Thus you get a corridor with lots of opening and closing gates.
The product includes 7 mat poses that will help you in choosing the optimal color options for your scene.

This product was created with high resolution textures and this will help you achieve maximum realism in your scenes.



AJ Terminal F
Satellite Base

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