an Banlaoch for ClawKini

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an Banlaoch ~ The Warrioress, The Heroine

I am the warrior who fights the good fight
My presence flows like beautiful light
For I am possessed of grace and power
My sword is Willingness and Truth my shield
I wage a war against the demons around me
No fantasy for these demons are real
Courage, bravery and skill are needed
Skilled in the art of single combat am I
Fighting long and hard I struggle against my enemies
There are but few obstacles left in my way
My castle, once far away, is now on the horizon
I can see its light’s blazing in warm welcome
Within its walls – peace, my joy, my mate

an Banlaoch for ClawKini ~

4 exquisite & highly detailed texture collections by Spiritfoxy for The Clawbikini for V4 by Arki


The ClawKini for V4
4 MAT pose files
3 HIDE Utility pose files
[ HIDE breast-cover; HIDE loin; HIDE strings ]

12 Texture Maps
12 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
03 TRANSmaps
04 Reflection Maps
07 TOTAL Pose files
Texture Map Sizes – 600 x 600, 750×750, 1200×1200 & 2000×6000

Required: Link to post:
The Clawbikini


M4 Ultra Morphs And Face Randomizer
Keeper of Legends

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