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Love is what she lives for. Amore is the perfect lady for romantic scenes but she is very versatile also for sci-fi, pin-up renders or adventures.

Two different MAT options included, with or without sub surface scattering, cutom head morph. Several MAT files with or without tattoo options, photorealistic skin textures, custom head morph.

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Head
– REM Head
– INJ Body
– REM Body
– MAT Base
– 1 MAT Arms No Tattoo
– 1 MAT Arms No Tattoo SSS
– 1 MAT Arms With Tattoo
– 1 MAT Arms With Tattoo SSS
– 1 MAT Body No Hair
– 1 MAT Body No Hair SSS
– 1 MAT Body With Hair
– 1 MAT Body With Hair SSS
-1 MAT Torso No Tattoo
-1 MAT Torso No Tattoo SSS
-1 MAT Torso With Tattoo
-1 MAT Torso With Tattoo SSS
-1 MAT Hand No Tattoo
-1 MAT Hand No Tattoo SSS
-2 MAT Hand With Tattoo
-2 MAT Hand With Tattoo SSS
-1 MAT Lashes
-1 MAT Lashes Hearts
– 6 MAT Eyes
– 6 MAT Eyes SSS
– 8 MAT Face
– 8 MAT Face SSS
– 8 MAT Lips
– 8 MAT Lips SSS
– 8 MAT Lips Glossy
– 8 MAT Lips Glossy SSS
-1 MAT Nails Base
-1 MAT Nails Base SSS
-2 MAT Nails Colours

Promos rendered in Poser, Reality3 for Poser and Daz 4.6.


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