Ambush Alley Desert Road and Gully

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Ambush Alley Desert Gully and Road is a full 360 degree environment for both Poser and DAZ studio. It offers two useful desert scenarios for modern, historical and post apocalyptic renders. Gullies are formed when torrential rains cut swaths through earth in arid terrains before the rushing water evaporates and the rivers dry out.
A major advantage of this gully design is that the desert road loads independently on top of the desert gully and rock outcrop preload. This gives you the option to use the landscape separately from the road. There is also separate rock presets that load with a single click to fill the gully floor with additional rocks, and a Dead End sign with guard rail preset to indicate the end of the road.
Most of the rocks and signs can be selected and moved or removed.
The promo light set and multiple camera angles are included.


SG-Norexia for V4
Natasza for V4


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