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Based upon Lilith 6 texture maps, all the materials included rely on new materials specifically developed for character rendering in DAZ Studio, and you will find new dials giving you access to exclusive colour tools management – Hue, Saturation, and Value – , to an anisotropic and intuitive Specular model (for highlights shaping), and to two levels of Sub-Surface Scattering with adjustable colour and repartition properties.

You can load any of the 45 full material presets and also apply any of the 76 partial presets (eyes, gloss, make-up) that are included, or customize all the materials properties directly in the surface tab thanks to relevant dial names. You will of course find files to load the default lips, nails and Face Maps Options included in the default Lilith 6 Materials.

Want to create your own fantasy presets? For more fun Amazing skins for Lilith 6 includes two skin randomizers applying random properties to colour and scattering of Skin, Nails, Lips and Mouth elements. First randomizer randomizes Sub-Surface Scattering and base Hue Parameters, the second one randomizes Hue, Saturation and Value of the Skins, both being applicable in any order you want, as many time as you want for unexpected and astonishing results.

High quality lights sets are also included in order to allow you to set up your scenes faster, but amazing Skins for Lilith 6 will of course work with any type of DAZ Studio light.

In brief, Amazing Skins for Lilith 6 includes all you need to render an incredible variety of high quality skins:

16 skin tone variations on Lilith 6 skin (cold, neutral, reddish and warm for realistic human skin rendering)
10 Fantasy skins of various saturated and less saturated colours
19 Tec skins for Fantasy/Sci-Fi scenes that are highly reactive to light with some very special reactions based on their highlights and Sub-Surface Scatter properties
33 Eyes Presets with or without special effects
06 Lacrimals presets to adjust lacrimals materials to the various Fantasy Skins and Eyes
04 Eye Reflection Maps options corresponding to either unmapped reflection or one of the three reflection maps provided by default with Lilith
04 Gloss Size and 6 Gloss Strength Options applicable on any of the included skins
06 Lips Gloss Size and 6 Lips Gloss Strength options applicable on any of the included skins
The 2 Eyelashes, 4 Faces (make-up), 4 Lips, and 4 Nail options included in the original Lilith 6 Materials
02 Skins randomizers
04 Lights Sets for character rendering (light is mainly focused on the character).
03 Light Sets for large scenes rendering.

Furthermore, owners of “Amazing Skins for Genesis 2 Females” can use all the additional sub-properties presets included in “Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Females” on these Lilith 6 Amazing skins.

Required Products: Lilith 6


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