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Do you feel like rendering your Minotaur 6 HD much faster, and get rid off the long freeze when the render starts?

Do you feel like adding more variety in your Minotaur 6 HD renders by picking up amongst various presets of skin tones and glossiness, of sci-fi and fantasy presets, of eyes presets?

Do you feel like being able to apply these skins properties presets on any figure you want (including older generations) thanks to smart shaders?

Well Amazing Skins For The Minotaur 6 HD is for you.

Based on Amazing Skin Materials, developed to reach the best compromise between render time and render quality, Amazing Skins for Minotaur 6 HD is dedicated to fast and flexible rendering of your Minotaur 6 HD, and includes not only materials for the base Minotaur 6 HD but also smart shader version of theses presets. The smart shaders will allow you to apply the color, specular and SSS settings of each materials presets included to any other surface of the minotaur (tails, horns, hooves…)

Based upon the Minotaur 6 HD texture maps, all the materials included rely on new material types. You will find new dials giving you access to exclusive color tools management – Hue, Saturation, and Value – , to an anisotropic and intuitive Specular model (for highlights shaping), and to two levels of Sub-Surface Scattering with adjustable color and repartition properties.

You can load any of the 44 full material presets and also apply any of 69 partial presets (eyes, gloss etc.) that are included, or customize all the materials properties directly in the surface tab thanks to relevant dial names.

The various formats included allow you to load all the presets:
As hierarchical material presets for the full version of the Minotaur also including Horns, Tails, and Legs.
As material presets for the human version only of the Minotaur.
As smart shaders for any surfaces (for instance but not limited to : Horns, Tails, Legs, Hooves, Props, Outfits), smart shaders preserving your maps and UV sets, applying only the required Shader, Color, Subsurface and Specular settings.

High quality lights sets are also included in order to allow you to set up your scenes faster, but Amazing Skins for the Minotaur 6 HD will of course work with any type of DAZ Studio lighting.

In brief, Amazing skin for Minotaur 6 HD includes all you need to render much faster than usual with an incredible variety of high quality skins:
18 skin tones variations on Minotaur 6 skin (9 variations of cold, neutral, reddish and warm coming each in Low SSS and High SSS version).
10 Fantasy skins of various saturated and less saturated colors.
16 Tec skins for Fantasy/Sci-Fi scenes that are highly reactive to light and have some very special reactions depending on their highlights and Sub-surface scatterings properties.
30 Eyes Presets and Tools with or without special effects.
6 Lacrimal presets to adjust Lacrimal materials to the various Fantasy Skins and Eyes.
4 Eye Reflection Maps options corresponding to either un-mapped reflection or one of the three reflection maps provided by default with the Minotaur 6.
4 Gloss Size and 6 Gloss Strength Options applicable on any of the included skins
2 Nails Gloss Shape and 4 Nails Gloss Strengths.
6 Lips Gloss Size and 6 Lips Gloss Strength options applicable on any of the included skins.
4 Lights Sets for character rendering (light is mainly focused on the character).
4 Light Sets for large scenes rendering.

Now render your Minotaur 6 HD with ease and endless possibilities…and much faster than before!

Required Products:
Minotaur 6 HD for Genesis 2 Male(s)


Sabbatic Goat Textures
Kids 4 UVs for Genesis 2 Male(s) and Female(s)


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    Please reupload, link is dead.

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