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All textures in this package may be used to create your own saleable add-on content for V4. However, you must alter the maps and make them your own in order for you to resell them. All maps are seamless, so there will be no headaches on matching seams. Also included as a convenience, or for those wishing to just use the texture maps for rendering and not a merchant resource, are associated bump and MAT files for P4/PP/P5-6. P4 users must convert .jpg to .bum format prior to applying MATs.

Maps built off of these textures can only be used in market place distribution, not for free characters.

V4Map /V4Bump
Face Map + Bump (3000 x 3000)
V4Map /V4Bump
Torso, Ears, Head Map + Bump (3000 x 3000)
Limbs and Nails Map + Bump (3000 x 3000)
V4Map /V4Bump
Teeth and Inner Mouth/Tongue Map + Bump (2000 x 2000)
Eye Map (800 x 800) + Bump
Cornea Transparency (800 x 800)
Eye Lash Transparency (1000 x 1000)
Also Included are associated bump maps and MAT files


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Nevercenter Silo Pro v2.1.1

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