Allied Fleets G34 Research Base

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This is a highly detailed 3D (OBJ format) model of a science-fiction space station. The high detail level serves two purposes: communicate a sense of scale, and allow for realistic closeups.

The G34 Reararch Base houses a number of weapons development and other R&D projects for the Allied Fleets. It is not a battlestation, and thus does not have a very large number of weapons (only 40 medium-sized turrets). Rather, it relies on the fleet assigned to it for defense. The G34 Reararch Base is huge, it is modeled to look 4000 meters (2.5 miles) tall, and 2200 meters from one side of the main ring to the other. The entire station is well-decorated with details, including five large hangar bays. The objects are grouped according to detail level and all objects have UVW mapping coordinates. Textures are included. It is easy to change the color scheme of the model by modifying the texture bitmaps. There are 1,455,878 triangles spread across 269 objects. Note: this is a very detailed model, although it should work with all applications/systems. A “g34_lite” version is included that reduces the polygon count.

Paklet P7 Destroyer OBJ format
RDNA nature - Winter collection


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