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Dreamlight’s AlienZ is a HUGE detailed prop with the right kind of Egyptian and alien mood, inspired by PC games such as Doom, Quake and Serious Sam. AlienZ comes ready with a breathtaking DAZ Studio light set, based on the bestselling Light Dome PRO and Studio Light PRO technology – ensuring that no matter where you aim the camera, you’ll get professional and great looking lighting straight out of the box. We’ve made sure your AlienZ renders will look bombastic – are you READY?

DAZ Studio Version (Will load in DS and above, including DS 4)
All the promos were done in DAZ Studio 3 with the included light set (With additional glow / bloom effects in Photoshop / The Gimp)
Detailed unique high rez textures, ranging from 512 x 512 to up to 7000 x 3500
Use of custom made Displacement Maps and Bump Maps add incredible realism
Render with reflections for additional realism, or without for maximum rendering speed
Flat Main Floor, which makes positioning of your characters a breeze – especially with animation
16 DAZ Studio Camera Presets (16:9 screen ratio)
270 Lights – DAZ Studio light set based on the bestselling Light Dome PRO and Studio Light PRO technology with floor lights, wall lights, pillar lights, sky lights, ambient lights and bounce lights
Only a few lights render with shadows for maximum render speed
Single prop with square and round pillars, floors, walls, ceiling bars, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling details, pools with water, empty pots, pots with alien bushes and alien artifacts
Skydome with a custom made 360 degree panoramic backdrop
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