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Bring your renders to life! Alicia is an ultra realistic character that comes with 5 eye color options, 5 make-up options and 5 mix and match lip color options. And because it’s the little details that count, especially in creating realistic renders, Alicia also comes with special, custom modeled teeth and genital injections designed especially for her (but can be used on other V4 characters as well). As an added bonus, two hair props (a simple bun and a bun with a head scarf) are included to use on the default mat with hair. Designed using high-quality photo resources, Alicia’s textures have been optimized for both Poser and DAZ Studio (using the Elite Human Surface Shader) and are guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!

Included in this set:
01 INJ Face file
01 REM Face file
01 INJ Body file
01 REM Body file
01 Default MAT – Hair file
01 Default MAT – No Hair file
01 Gens Hair MAT file
01 Gens No Hair MAT file
01 Custom Gens INJ file
01 Custom Gens REM file
01 Custom Teeth INJ file
01 Custom Teeth REM file
01 Nipples Off file
05 Eye Color files
02 Lash Options
05 Mix & Match Lip files (05 Lip Colors + 01 Plain Lip File)
05 Real World Make-Up files for the MAT with hair (05 Make-Up files + 1 Make-Up OFF file)
05 Real World Make-Up files for the MAT without hair (05 Make-Up files + 1 Make-Up OFF file)
02 Hair Props (01 Plain Bun Prop + 01 Bun Prop with Scarf)*
05 Material Presets for the Scarf


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