Aki, Japanese Beauty for V4

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She slips through night’s shadows, flitting from light to dark like a moth to a flame. She walks in the shadow of love, with heaven beneath her feet. Her eyes are the black of a moonless night, while her skin is as pale as that luminous form. Aki is the Japanese beauty of legend. One glance from her eyes can destroy cities, while a second can bring nations to their knees. She is the shy, delicate Emperor’s daughter. The fierce but vulnerable Empress, resplendent in golden jewelry, plotting away against her husband. The deadly ninja, flitting through the shadows… Or perhaps she is the deadly Sorceress, casting a spell on the unsuspecting hero… Or even the sweet Maiko, the Geisha in training, called to entertain royalty. Whatever you want her to be, Aki will certainly never bore the eye! With highly accurate facial features and an accurate Maiko (Geisha Apprentice) make up texture set, Aki can be anything from the shy school girl to a seductive fantasy warrior in Geisha inspired make up! With four eyebrow maps representing different personality traits, Akisu easily shifts from shy to strong to vulnerable, with just a click of the mouse. Akisu’s face morph is one of a kind, utilizing both Victoria and Aiko 4’s pre-built morphs with unique custom morphs that smooth and reshape Victoria’s face to make her into a true Japanese beauty. Akisu also includes three every day make up sets meant to flatter her particular features. A golden Empress style make up, an early evening look, and a night on the town look, for more variety!


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