Akhyel Suit for V3

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NOTE: To move the skirt there are 8 magnet props, just try to play with them to understand how they work,
doing it it’s easier than explaining it and you can get amazing movement effects!
To better handle them we have add two mats:
“!DeformersFull”–> to easily handle the deformers to get the style you want
“!DeformersEdge”–> to only shoes Deformer’s Edge so you won’t be distracted by them once you’ve got the Skirt
movement you wanted and are working on others particulars.

NOTE: since this is an armor and the bodice is thought to be a rigid piece of clothing you should disable V3 JCM
morphs because it wouldn’t make sense that a similar (rigid) piece of clothing followed such an extreme movement
of the body. To disable it simply use the “Disable Jcm” Mat pose furnished to disable them
(you can find it in the MAT pose folder: Runtime\Libraries\Pose\MAT AS-Akhyel\!Disable-Jcm.pz2).
To use the MAT simply select Vicky 3 and click on the MAT pose.

HOW TO SAVE YOUR OWN MAGNET SETTINGS FOR THE SKIRTS: Once you’ve reached a posing of the skirt you’re
satisfied with you can create a morph for the skirt so you’ll be able to use it over and over when you use
the skirt simply setting the morph to 1. To do this just:
– move the deformers as you prefer
– with the skirt selected go to Object –> Spawn morph target
– give the morph the name you prefer
– save your figure after having zeroed all the magnets (use the MAT you find in the “MAT AS-Akhyel” pose folder)
– reload your figure and set your morph to 1 to see the result: DONE!

There are several MAT which will let you hide or show the deformers as you prefer, so if you have any problem
with deformers not showing as you want just go to the MATs folder and choose the option that better fits your

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