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This product, which I named “Terminal F”, is a huge area in which there are a lot of places to put your characters to create paintings.
Package contains 4 figures, 2 props. Also this package contains 1 camera and 1 light presets.
You can use this presets as base and add to it with your own light sources.
First figure in this package is “Base” figure. After loading this figure to your scene you can see the parts of which this figure is. Parts are the base itself, 3 independent elevators which you can move down and up and 2 types of pit covers – big and small which you can also open and close using corresponding sliders. The 2-nd figure is Building. This figure includes as parts building itself and 2 gates which you can open and close.
The Telfer is third figure which you can also move: forward and backward. Use corresponding slider for this action.
Fourth figure named Walls and Roof. You can disable visibility of any part of this figure if needed.
Package also contains 2 props – Container and Powerstation.
Package contains displacement maps so enable displacement in render settings before render.
I hope that this product will be an excellent basis for your pictures.
Before using this product in your scenes, please, disable from Poser menu: Display-Ground Shadows and Display-Guides-Ground Plane.
Product includes fully mapped geometry (*.obj) file in Geometries folder.
Use Poser 6 or above version of Poser application.



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