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This product is the big area in sci-fi style which can help you to create your pictures. ?Research Center? package contains one composite figure consisting of 11 parts: floor unit, right side unit, 3 small gates (can be open and closed), left side unit, crossbars, main gate unit, right gate side, left gate side (gate sides also can be openclosed) and ceiling.

The visibility of each part of the figure can be turned off if needed.
Also package contains 2 mat-poses for the figure: Lights On and Lights Off.
I plan to create several products of this type, which will be combined with each other and will be united by the common name of the series – CORPORATION. And this “Research Center” is the first part of series. Research Center contains several labs (radiological and biological), main power battery, data processing unit, sci-fi styled crossbars and floor and other. I hope that you will be able to realize your ideas and fantasies using this product and I sincerely wish you this.

Use Image Based Lighting ( IBL ) and increase Shadow Blur Radius, Shadow Samples and Shadow Min Bias in light Properties tab of Poser application for other non-IBL lights. Combine this
parameters to achieve best rendering results.

Before using this product in your scenes, please, disable from Poser menu: Display-Ground Shadows and Display-Guides-Ground Plane.



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