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This product contains 5 pieces: an abandoned house, the ground, a bench and two oak trees. Abanoned house has rooms, stairs to the second floor, terrace and arcade. This means that you can use also the internal zone of the house to create your paintings.
Arcade gives beautiful shadows from external light sources, you can also use this effect to make your pictures more realistic.
You can use a bench to place different characters. You can also load to the scene a few benches, turn out and moving it where you want.
In the package there are two different oak trees. You can also move them around the stage, rotate by Y axis, and use the discarded shadows to achieve more realism in your pictures.
Use Image Based Lighting ( IBL ) and increase Shadow Blur Radius, Shadow Samples and Shadow Min Bias in light Properties tab of Poser application for other
non-IBL lights. Combine this
parameters to achieve best rendering results.
I hope that this product will be an excellent basis for your pictures.
Before using this product in your scenes, please, disable from Poser menu: Display-Ground Shadows and Display-Guides-Ground Plane.
Product includes fully mapped geometry (*.obj) file in Geometries folder.
Use Poser 6 or above version of Poser application.


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AJ Tree House


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    February 28, 2013

    Cool, thanks. This reminds me a lot of that one deal gone bad/police sting mission from GTA4, it looks a lot like the building from it.

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