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Aisha Kimono is a highly detailed and unique conforming and dynamic clothes set for Vicky4, Aiko4 and the Girl.

It installs in both Poser and Daz Studio and works instantly without the need for cloth simulator.

Aisha Kimono uses up to forty eight preset cloth simulation poses for the Kimono and Vicky4, Aiko 4 etc, these can also be mixed for endless varieties of new poses.

The advantage of this system is that the cloth simulations are instant and look very realistic and the Kimono can be used in both Poser and Daz Studio.?(Please make sure you read the instructions in the included ReadMe on using in DAZ Studio)

On top of this, the Aisha Kimono has over ninety morphs in eight categories that do everything from all kinds body adjustments and changes thru to gravity simulations.

If you are using Poser only then you can also use the Aisha skirt in Posers cloth room as it is already set up, and you can easily get it to simulate any pose you set up.

Although Aisha Kimono is very easy to use, there is a very comprehensive read me file that explains all the main features of this amazing set.

Aisha Fans Umbrellas
Avalon for V4 A4 Elite


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