Airship Hull for Airship Cabin

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Rigid small zeppelin type airship AirWhale AW – 05 was build in 1920 as hellium filled observatory military airship. One year later was purchased by wealthy adventurer Jonathan Shepahard for his intended exploration travels. Airship was then converted for hydrogene which was much easies to come by and even to produce elsewhere on travels. Unlike other rigid airships and zeppelins AirWhale class airship had framework built outside the hull so more inner space remain for gas compartments. AW – 05 was largely refurbished for one-man maintenance and operation and for that purpose was equiped by various service walkways so all engine nacelles was accessible even during the flight. Airship was further equiped with pair of anchor so it can safely land even in wilderness without any help from ground staff. For landing at airfields she was equiped with pair of mooring cables. Inside airship was small engineering section with machinery for distribution of fuel blaugas or even for poduction of hydrogene in the field conditions.


Dungeon&Tomb texture pack
Airship Cabin


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