Aircraft Condor

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The Condor is a ground support and troop transport 3D vehicle, well suited to both rescue and assault missions. This heavy air vehicle can deliver and protect your personnel under almost any conditions. Troops can rapid-deploy from the rear hatch while in the air or grounded, making this both an assault and evac platform. Coupled with a wide variety of weapons options, including two turrets, unguided rockets or air-to-air wing mount packages, the Condor may not be a glamorous ride but it’s always a welcome sight to the infantry it supports. With variable angle the engine vents, this flying APC can use any landing strip or just do without in vertical takeoff and landing modes. For long-range missions, mount additional fuel tanks in place of the heavier weapons. This optimized model has a low polygon count and includes two poses for Michael 4 – pilot and infantryman. Get them there and bring them home with the Condor!


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