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With these fifteen 2nd skin clothing pieces, Miki will be ready for anything the evening can throw at her! From underwear to fully dressed, you can quickly add these second skin items to your Miki skin textures for versatile clothing that never has poke-throughs. This is also a merchant resource pack, so you can give your commercial Miki characters a second skin look quickly and easily.

Requires Previous Purchase of Miki 2, paint program able to use .psd format files

Fifteen items created from photographs of real clothing ready to be merged with your Miki skin textures:
Three bras
Three panties
Three sets of stockings
One corset
One pair of shorts
One pair of trousers
One waistcoat
Two blouses – long and shortsleeved
The items are supplied in .psd format, for ease of use.
– Body textures are 3451×4000


There are two ways to use second skins.

If you have Poser 5 or higher, you can merge the second skin images directly on to your character texture in the material room. Philc has a great tutorial on how to do this, at

If you are using another program, you will need to actually merge the images before you load them onto Miki.If necessary resize the clothing image – currently they are 3451×4000 pixels. The clothing image size must be the same size as the Miki skin texture you want to use it with. Open the clothing image, copy it, open your Miki body skin texture, and paste the clothing image on top of the skin. Save the image with a new name, and it’s ready for you to use.



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