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Advanced Render Settings 2 includes the new feature from Poser 8, enhancing the existing features (more control with the atmosphere colors and some render passes) and support for layers passes from Advanced Figure Manager.

When rendering (directly from the main dialog), the script will show a new window, displaying the render times. This dialog also has the ability to open the Advanced Render Viewer.

Rendering time dialog

Advanced Render Viewer is intended to quickly view or compare the renders you made. The render is scaled to the Advanced Render Viewer, and can be zoomed and moved. Even your largest render can be viewed entirely! See a video here: Advanced Render Viewer sample

Simple viewer
A simple viewer – always useful

Side by side comparison
Zooming or moving the render on one side will also zoom or move the render on the other side.

Poser style comparison
Drag mouse to move the render separator. Compare through
Drag mouse to make the first render transparent.
Do you want more? Thanks to ideas by Vince Bagna, a dedicated dialog has been created to optimize your scene for Indirect Lighting rendering: editing Gamma settings (Poser Pro 2010 only), Texture Filtering, Diffuse intensity in one simple to use dialog. Yes, this is possible with Scene Management. You choose what and how the materials are edited. It’s easy, fast and the results are incredible!

HDRI rendering

Advanced Render Settings 2 has also an incredible feature: render passes. Render passes are special renders used for post working and increase productivity. It’s easy to use and offers dozen of possibilities for post-editing, without having to re-render everything! Prepare your settings and render passes and render all of them (send them to queue (Poser Pro 2010) or go and drink a cup of coffee).

Render Passes

Advanced Render Settings 2
Access to default render settings
Access to render process settings (available in the General Preferences
Access to Atmosphere settings (available in the material room)
Render passes, like Z-Depth, Altitude, AO, Displacement, Alpha, and much more!
Rendering only part of the scene (either rendering some figures only, or rendering layers (requires Advanced Figure Manager))
Depth of field automatic focusing on an actor
Generating render name, avoiding overwriting

Advanced Render Viewer
Full screen viewer.
Zoom in or zoom out
Compare side by side
Compare Poser style
Compare Through

Scene Management
Change Gamma settings for one or more maps at once (Poser Pro 2010 only)
Change Texture Filtering for one or more maps at once
Disable Reflection Kd or Lite Mult for a selection of materials
Change Diffuse value strength for a selection of materials br>


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