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UPDATED 2014-05-08 – to allow use with shadow catchers and Shader Builder made surfaces.

Get more control over your lighting in DAZ studio with Advanced Ambient light.

This custom coded light casts pleasing, super-soft ambient light and occlusion based shadows. Use the light by itself to produce a fashion shoot style lighting or even overcast skies. The Advanced Ambient light also works great as a soft-box fill light used in conjunction with spotlights, and it also provides a beautiful bounce light look when used with distant lights.

The strength of the light is not solely in its pleasing illumination, but the control that it brings to lighting in DAZ Studio.

Controllable light radius lets you Illuminate just the areas of the scene you want, or you can flood the whole scene with light.
Tell the light what surfaces you want it to illuminate and which to ignore.
Set the light to use faster settings for render intensive objects such as hair.
Render faster with optimizations like Primitive Hitmode and Adaptive Sampling.
Have one light illuminate some surfaces and another light, with completely different settings, cast on other surfaces.
Light with diffuse only or turn on the additional soft specular.
360 degree illumination allows you to bake ambient occlusion to textures inside DAZ Studio.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

Update history:

  • 2014-05-08 – Updated to allow use with shadow catchers and Shader Builder made surfaces.
  • 2013-12-20 –
    • Address an issue where not all surfaces would properly be rendered using shader hitmode when the lights base AO Hitmode setting was set to shader. This would cause transmapped surfaces to sometimes cast unusually dark shadows. It was most often noticeable in strange shadows around the eyelashes.
    • All AO sample rate settings now are limited to a low of 0 instead 1. This makes it possible to turn off AO, yet still illuminate, for select surfaces when used in conjunction with flagging or for disabling AO during the subsurface pass.
    • An additional script is included (AoA_AddShaderMixerAttributes.dsa) which can be loaded into Shader Mixer as a rendertime script. When this is connected to a Shader Mixer made surface shader it will enable light flagging for any surfaces using that shader.
    • Some changes were made to several files to lock the ?Shadow Type (WARNING DO NOT USE)? parameter of the light. This parameter is added automatically by DS but serves no purpose on an ambient light. If changed from the default ?None? it causes the light to stop illuminating. The best solution available was to hide and lock it. With it now locked it should help prevent the light from going out when copy and paste is used from a standard DS light which has shadows turned on.
    • The ?Flag Surfaces With? drop-down no longer displays several erroneous options which were mistakenly included with the last update.
    • Cleaned up the code a bit removing things such as the Renderizer code which has never been used by the light but was added automatically by DS when the UI script was created.
  • 2013-10-24 – SSS sample rate during the SSS pass corrected. Changed the flagging methods to work the same as how they are on the advanced spotlight for greater flexibility and consistency.



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    October 5, 2013

    Download link does not work. Please fix. Thank you.

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    May 9, 2014

    Thanks for the update, Blazer!

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