Actual Eyes 4

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The set contains 34 iris color presets, 15 left side reflections, 15 right side reflections.

New to this version of Actual Eyes are Quick Adjusting presets to quickly set the iris size, pupil dilation, iris shade, eye white shade and amount of ambient occlusion.

To ensure quality and realism custom iris size, pupil dilation and pupil slit morphs are included.

Also included is a user guide to ensure you get the most out of Actual Eyes 4.

Actual Eyes 4
Custom Morphs:
Iris Size
Pupil Dilation
Pupil Slit
Custom Eye UV Mapping
34 Iris Color Presets
15 Reflection Left Side Presets
15 Reflection Right Side Presets
Dynamic Reflection Preset
Solid Reflection Preset
5 Iris Size Presets
5 Pupil Dialation Presets
5 Pupil Slit Presets
5 Eyewhite Presets
5 Iris Shade Presets
User Guide
Textures Include:
1 Bump Map (1024×1024)
31 Reflection Maps (1024×1024)
34 Texture Maps (2048×2048)
31 Ambient Maps (2048×2048)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)


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