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    How do I get points. I bought 90 days of premium qtyfiles account a couple of days ago and until now no points on my account to download things.

    • Blazer 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

      Please send a site message to Bogus.

  • 9 hours, 5 minutes ago


    Mechanical workshop for motorcycle with openable windows and doors, movable hoist.

    Many elements are separate and moveable allowing to position its camera.

    10 Presets Camera

    What’s Included and […]

  • 9 hours, 5 minutes ago



    This is a Reactor Room.

    What’s Included and Features
    Reactor Room: (.DUF)
    Reactor Room Energon
    Reactor Room Light Sensor
    Reactor Room Lights
    Reactor Room Reactor
    Reactor Room Robot […]

  • 9 hours, 30 minutes ago



    A small modern community theatre built into the shell of a medieval hall. The ancient timbers make this the ideal venue for fantasy or Shakespearean productions, as well as modern fare, music and so […]

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    A little touch of retro in a modern interpretation – Serena Hair is going to look great on your showgirl. But it is also sure to be the perfect addition to any modern render.

    What’s Included and F […]

  • 9 hours, 41 minutes ago



    Looking for that Vault that just needs to be “lightened of its load”? Look no farther!

    PW The Vault is a complete Bank Vault Interior Set that comes with a massive heavy duty Vault Door, Gated […]

  • 9 hours, 47 minutes ago



    This will bring your cargo over seas in style. With movable doors, steering gear, and crane.

    This Iray cargo ship will spice up your scene’s.

    What’s Included and Features
    PW Cargo Ship: […]

  • 10 hours, 8 minutes ago


    The first in a series of elements, Isabel represents Earth. Her caramel skintone combines with her subtle eyecolors and tasteful makeup options to create one earthly beauty.

    This package features a custom […]

  • 10 hours, 33 minutes ago


    With the Fairy Dust – Photoshop Action and Brush Collection you’ll be able to create magic!

    Add fairy dust to your images with the swoop of a brush and add even more magic with the included act […]

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