A Walk Across Water

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Where will this foot bridge lead you?

A Walk Across Water is a 3D environment for both Poser and DAZ Studio offering an old and warn foot bridge crossing a lake water inlet amidst a rugged and inhospitable grass and rock terrain. The harsh environment has taken its toll upon leafless trees, now permanently curved by the incessant wind and the shallow roots in the rock laden soil. The shoreline alternates between rocky outcrops and sandy dirt. Depending on the time of day, you can sometimes see clear down to the bottom of the inlet.

The entire set loads preloaded, and offers both a collapsed bridge center section and an intact center section option. Choose which one you want visible by simply clicking the scene/hierarchy tree. The tree props can be moved individually, as can the foot bridge sections. The water plane can also be raised or lowered or hidden completely to add variety to the scene. There are two lake inlet bottoms, a shallow one with rocks and a deeper concave version if you decide to moor a boat. The set includes the promo light sets for Poser and DAZ Studio, as well as a Reality Sun, and multiple camera angles to get you started off quickly.

Please note, the dead tree prop is a full 3D model that casts its own shadow, but is low poly to allow multiple instances of it to be added to the scene without a huge tax on computer resources, but the trade off is, it is not designed for up close renders.


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