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Remember the 80’s ? When youth had gone wild, and it was all about girls just wanting to have fun. When material girls were famous and every rose had it’s thorn. When you flung your slinky down the stairs, wacky wall walker at the wall and your rubix cube over your shoulder. Now it’s time to bring that crazy time warp into your Poser runtime! C’mon , feel the noise! 80’s Hair is a 1980’s headbanging, heavy hair spray hairstyle ! Everyone knows someone who had hair this big at sometime or other, and now you can bring the retro 80’s back! They say everything comes back in style at some point or other, so be the first to start a big hair trend! Fits A4, G4 as well. Get our your hairspray and leg warmers! Morphs included are as follows: ADJLChest, ADJRChest, ADJLShoulder, ADJRShoulder, BackLonger, BackOut, BangsLonger, BangsWindL, BangsWindR, BangsWindyAll, BlowBangsL, BlowBangsR, RuffleBangs, FrontLonger1, FrontLonger2, LeftOut, RightOut, SidesFuller, TopHigher, FrontUp, ADJ4Earrings, ADJSides, LmoveL, LmoveR, RmoveL, RmoveR, Wings, FitA4, FitG4.

See alternate images for Hair colors, earring colors and back of hair.

Included : 80’s Hair CR2 and OBJ, L and R 80’s Earring Props & OBJ’s, 15 colors for the hair, 8 colors for each earring plus one gold mat for hoops.


Bandana Dress
FASHIONWAVE Icebreaker for V4 A4 G4


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    Mac Daddy

    March 17, 2013

    Lol. I love it! Its Peg Bundy! 😉

  2. Profile photo of Joe


    March 17, 2013

    😀 This hairstyle actually, for me, calls to mind the one Stevie Nicks sported in her “Talk To Me” and “I Can’t Wait” videos. Since I’ve been a Stevie fan for over a quarter of a century now, I just *had* to have this hair!

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