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DAZ Body Morph

Custom Head Morph combined with DAZ Dials for the PERFECT new addition to your runtime.

Complete Skin texture including:

Torso Skin Texture
Torso Specular Texture
Torso Bump Texture

Limbs Texture
Limbs Specular Texture
Limbs Bump Texture

7 Makeup Options
1 No Makeup Option
Head Specular Texture
Head Bump Texture

8 Eye Textures
Cornea Texture
Eye Surface Texture
Sclera Texture
Tear Texture

Mouth Texture
Mouth Bump Texture

Eyelash Texture

Head INJ & REM .pz2
Body INJ & REM .pz2
Eye Adjust INJ & REM .pz2



Deco Club Exterior
DMR Alahna


  1. Profile photo of Gaspar Ilom

    Gaspar Ilom

    July 5, 2013

    Any chance to re-post Aiko 4 because for some reason it does ask me for Aiko file morphs…. I searched my PC and I can’t find them so it must require Aiko 4. Thanks

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