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Victoria, the reigning Queen of 3Drama, is back with a whole new range of dramatic expressions. She can go from sad, mad to glad and anywhere in between.

3Drama Xpress is a modular pose set consisting of 30 full body poses, 30 matching expressions and 30 partial leg poses of specific emotional scenarios. Along with the 10 utility poses, there are a total of 100 3D animation software poses altogether.

There are thousands of possible combinations. Recombining upper body poses with different faces and lower body language can result in a myriad of new emotional expressions.

30 body poses x 30 face poses x 30 partial poses = 27,000 possible dramas. See the ReadMe for some tips.

This set also features 60 distinctive hand poses, two thirds of which are hand to hand, hand to face, hand to body or hand to ground. Hand poses are not saved here as pre-sets, but if you save them to your content folder you will have 60 more ways to vary the basic dramas. With your saved hand poses there are hundreds of thousands of possible scenarios.


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