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Eris, Goddess of Strife & Discord. Most famous for her part in causing the Trojan War. Thanks to Homer’s combination of Eris with Enyo this pack includes war paints as well as fantasy options.

Eris can be your Goddess, warrior, sophisticated lady, or the girl next door, she is quite versatile (and deceptive!) with a variety of options.

Individual Customizing

Eris includes a body shape option which comes in nude & clothed. Her clothed body shapes flatten nipples & areola. You may individually add or remove her custom genital morph as well.

All lip-shades apply separately so that you may mix ‘n match her makeup styles. All lip MATs are offered in a default gloss or a matte style (marked with an “m”), with the exception of lip #11 (painted yellow) which is only available in the matte option to suit her matching face paint.

Eris’ makeup is provided in 3 options; soft, dark & fantasy.

To further customize Eris there is a smaller pupil option as well as MAT poses to remove or add tears, in clear or a slight blue option. Also added is an additional Sclera option.

Fingernails are available in 3 lengths.

Ease of Use

Included with Eris is an IK removal pose and eye fix pose if you wish to adjust her eyes or should you need to after certain poses are applied.

Render Options:

Included are Poser 6+ MATs as well as SSS MATS for Poser 9+

Studio Users, you have not been left out! Eris includes wonderful Studio MATS for Studio 3.0 & up as well as MATs for the UberSurface. These MATs were created by the very talented Fisty.


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    March 1, 2013

    she is so pretty…thank you MacDaddy

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    Mac Daddy

    March 2, 2013

    You are all very welcome! I, too, love those eyes! Thats the sole reason i had to get it! 🙂

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