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* 3DA Agatha

So who is Agatha? She is any mature woman you need her to be! Care was taken to not create a caricature styled woman but rather a mature woman, aging gracefully. She can be a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Queen or even a Spy. She’s the Fairy Godmother or the Business Tycoon – it’s all up to you.

Agatha is a mature woman, but how old is she? She’ll never tell!! She bears a resemblance to my mother from her 40’s – 70’s depending on the lighting and manner of dress.

These days women hold their age differently, Agatha is no different. She takes care of herself, as you can show in your renders with her bonus facial mask option.

Agatha consists of a custom head morph, custom teeth morph, custom square nail morph & a custom genital morph. These will work on the base Victoria 4.2 and do not require any additional morph products. You may inject these as you choose to customize your character.

You will only need to have morphs++ if you wish to use Agatha’s body shaping
options. These are true injection & removal files, you will NOT need to pre-inject morphs++


Castle Dev Egyptian Weapons
KOLT Outfit


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