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The cool, tart snap of a fresh apple. The warm, gooey sweetness of freshly dipped caramel. The flavors of the harvest surround us with each sinfully sweet bite that we take, savoring the mingling tang of the warm fruit amidst the crisp Fall air! Bring a plate of these home to your Autumn gatherings and parties!

All apple skins are based on photographs of real apples.
All candy coating comes in two types: Basic texture, and P9+ featuring Subsurface Scattering.


Long Drip
Long Drip 2
Smooth Candy
Smooth Candy 2
Flat Top (For use with placing the apple upside-down on a plate.)
Flat Top 2
Flat Top 3
No Stick
Short Stick
Long Stick
Fully Cover with Candy
Fully Cover with Candy 2
No Candy Coating
New Apple Shape
No Apple Stem
Expand Candy (A helper morph to help when mixing morphs.)

Please note: DAZ Studio users will need to subdivide the mesh when using the “Smooth” morphs in order to prevent mesh artifacts from showing when rendered.


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Oskarrson's Kamrat


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    March 19, 2013

    your so making me hungry….thank you Blazer

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