19th Century Heathcliffe

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Fine, historically respectful 19th century gentlemen’s clothing, perfect for those Victorian Holiday Scenes! Includes textures for the 19th Century Suit and 19th Century Accessories for Michael 3, David and Luke, as well as a step by step mini tutorial in the readme to approximate the effect of the figure wearing a shirt underneath the stock and coat.


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19th Century Accessory Pack for Luke http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-accessory-pack-for-luke/
19th Century Suit Pak for David http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-suit-pak-for-david/
19th Century Accessory Pack for David http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-accessory-pack-for-david/
19th Century Suit Pack for Michael 3.0 http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-suit-pack-for-michael-3-0/
19th Century Suit Pack for Luke http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-suit-pack-for-luke/
19th Century Accessory Pack for Michael 3.0 http://3d-stuff.ru/19th-century-accessory-pack-for-michael-3-0/


19th Century Suit Pack for Luke
19th Century Beau


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