1951 Chevy Panel Van

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This car was rigged by the best in the business, PhilC. Thank you very much Phil for your perfect work!

Select the Body and there are many different controls.

1 Grow Shrink spinner so you can fit this vehicle in a child’s hand as a toy.

1 Drive spinner Drives the truck and the wheels turn as they should as the truck moves front to back.

1 Steer spinner that controls both front wheels

1 Spin All 4 Wheels spinner that spins all four wheels in the same direction and speed

intended for animation of the vehicle turning.

1 Burn Rubber spinner that turns the rear tires at the same speed

1 Wiper spinner that controls the wipers.

Select the Car Body and there are several controls

1 Pull Wheelie spinner for those drag races through town

1 Turn spinner for turning the Pickup

1 Barrel Roll spinner for the horrible accident cause by drag racing through town

1 Move Left Right spinner

1 Move Up Down spinner

1 Move Forward reverse spinner


(1) Horn with Base Show/Hide, (Default Hidden)

Horn with Base Move Front to Back and Horns Rotate (Default Hidden)

(2) Scoop Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(3) Exhaust Extra Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(4) Front Logo Show/Hide

(5) Side Logo Show/Hide

(6) Rear Logo Show/Hide

(7) Fog lamps Show/Hide

Fog Lamps also move In and Out

(8) Gas Fill Left/Right (Default Left)

(9) Wheel Covers Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(10) Front Plate Show/Hide (Default Show)

Front Plate Left/Right (Default Right)

(11) Bird Show/Hide (Default Show)

(12) Hood Line Show/Hide (Default Show)

(13) Sign Sides Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(14) Sign Rear Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(15) Side Vents Show/Hide (Default Hidden)

(16) Antenna Left/Right (Default Left)

This car is 62,312 Triangles 31,160 polygons.

All content by Dreamland Models, bagginsbill, and PhilC

Not tested in Daz Studio.


UnNatural 1


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