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This amazing product allows you to realistically age any of your V4 characters in DAZ Studio 3, from 40s through to 90s and every age in between. The latest in the 1-Click product series, the V4 Age Injector uses a combination of morphs, displacement maps and click-on overlays to transform any V4 character by blending with the applied morphs and textures.

It includes aged morphs for V4?s feet and hands as well as her face and neck to simulate the sagging of the flesh that occurs during the aging process. Displacement maps at varying strengths, all with 1-click presets, add the fine wrinkles and detail for your close up renders.

The final touch is a series of transparent overlays that add moles, mottled skin, age spots, scaly skin, cracked lips, veins and rashes. As well as transforming the texture of your older characters, these can also be used to add that touch of realism to younger characters.

>Overlays and displacement maps cover the whole body and include an enlarged skin pore and orange-peel skin effects.

The 1-Click V4 Age Injector is guaranteed to enhance your existing runtime investment by vastly expanding the usefulness and flexibility of all your characters and textures.
This product works with all V4 morphs ? The Girl, Aiko 4 and Stephanie. Some custom morphs may result in issues around the neck area, but as the morphs are infinitely dial-able, you can scale them according to your needs.

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1-Click V4 Age Injector for Poser


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