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When it comes to anime, the hair always makes the character. Yunko Hair was designed to give your Genesis and Victoria 4 characters a unique look and a strong personality. Whether a heroic protagonist or a ruthless antagonist, your character will stand out with this completely original hairstyle.

?Yunko Hair: (.DUF and .CR2) ?Genesis Fit Morphs: ?Aiko 4
?Aiko 5
?Stephanie 4
?Stephanie 5
?The Girl 4
?Victoria 4
?Victoria 5
?Other Shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow

?Victoria 4 Fit Morphs: (..CR2 and .OBJ) ?Aiko 4
?Stephanie 4
?The Girl 4

?Yunko Hair Morphs for both Hairs: ?07 Adjustment Morphs
?21 Style Morphs

?Material Options: ?Fit Base Helper
?05 Band Color Options
?16 Hair Color Options

?Textures: ?01 Transparency Map (30 x 30)
?19 Texture, Bump and Transparency Maps (2500 x 2500)
?23 Texture and Transparency Maps (1500 x 1500)

?Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)
?DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF and .DSA)


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