X-Fashion Combat 02 Bodysuit for Genesis 3 Females

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X-Fashion Combat 2 Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s):(.DUF)
!Fashion Combat 02 Outfit
CMB Boots
CMB Bottom
CMB Skirt
CMB Sleeves
CMB War Fan
Fashion Boots !RESET Feet Pose
Fashion Boots!Feet Pose
Fashion War Fan Pose

X-CMB Bottom-Morphs:(.DUF)
Adjust Sides
Attach to Body
Bikini Back
Front Down
Bikini Back
Front Down
X-CMB Skirt-Morphs:(.DUF)
Adjust Lft Leg
Adjust Rgt Leg
Adjust Shorter
Adjust Sides
Attach to Body
Back Down
Back to Back
Bend Front Back
Lower Front Front to Back
Lower Front Side to Sides
Wind Front
Wind to Left
Wind to Right
Wind Back
X-CMB Sleeves-Morphs:(.DUF)
Adjust Large
Adjust Wrist
X-CMB Top-Morphs:(.DUF)
Adjust Breasts
Adjust Collar
Adjust Front Shape 01
Adjust Front Shape 02
Adjust Shorter
Adjust Sides
X-CMB War Fan-Morphs:(.DUF)
Expand All
X-CMB2 Boots-Morphs:(.DUF)
Adjust Heels
Adjust Inner Sides
Adjust Outer Sides
Adjust Toes

Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


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X-Fashion Pirate Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s)
X-Fashion Combat Bodysuit for Genesis 3 Females


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