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Goodies for your doggy! Your Poser dog deserves to have cool stuff!

1 Bed for HER (cr2) with 2 textures (pz2)
1 Bed for HIM (cr2) with 2 textures (pz2)
1 Dog House (cr2) with 2 textures (pz2)
1 Fence (cr2) with 2 textures and movable planks (pz2)
1 Fire Hydrant (cr2) with 4 colour variations (pz2)
1 Feeding Bowl (cr2) with 6 textures (pz2)
1 Water Bowl (cr2) with 6 textures (pz2)
1 Softball (cr2) with 14 textures and two morphs to take a bite
1 Frisbee (cr2) with 3 textures
1 Dog Stick (cr2)



A4 Long Hair: Color and Movement

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